So long never update my bloggie. Oh my god. The lastest post was June -_-
Oh well, since Im bored plus abit emo. Let's update something about myself recently leh :)

It's had been 3 months since my uni life start ,
Tough life as a UTARian, but I never regret coming here. Because all the friends around are the reason I never regret.
Thanks for those who actually understand me and accompany me to 逃避what I dont wanna face.
Thanks for those who said "加油!" to me, before I had my first presentation.
Thanks for the one who told me that, She would be sad, if Im sad.
Here is a little words to her...

"You know girls' smile is the most wonderful thing in the world? Do you ever know that why would u have so much of friends? You wont know how happy am I just laughing with you, trashtalking with you, selfie with you, lunch or breakfast wit u. So please, nowadays see you so emo. wanna cry out but cant, heart very pain leh :( I wish to see that shabi you again :/ Stay Strong shabi! "

Hmm...my life in uni I also lazy to write about. Actually everyday just the same.

  • Wake up
  • Take bus
  • Study
  • Selfie in class
  • Back hostel
  • Sleep

So, let's talk bout my friends in Seremban leh........ HEHE.
Broke my record of going home with them, you all jinja geng.

New record : 2.50am 

But well, Im lazy to mention much bout that outing, cz didnt selfie maaaaaaaaaaaa xD
And yea, so I went outing wit them again yesterday night. We went sing k :D
It had been a long day since I went to karaoke, but I just dont have the mood to sing. Idk why, sorry guys :( But seeing u guys enjoy before leaving to study, Im satisfied already. hehe.

pengsan ooooo..not bad la. but just too much fighting scene made me so dizzy and never eat any shit at tat time. sibeh hungry AF. :x
Was complaining to gwl and almost eat his muscles for that. HAHA.

Let's enjoy gwl's singing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Im sorry but I have to post this, cz it;s too funny xD

then da da da da............Annette singing!!!xD

MUAHAHHAHAA... Khoo de singing no need upload la..sibeh lazy xD
Here are some selfies, in case u guys go there miss us can take out and see see or TOUCH TOUCH :P *dont lick can liao -_-

Had a really nice memory with u guys yesterday night, take care and goodluck in your studies :D ANNYEONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! XD

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