Another Big Step of My Life

(this post I was trying to post on the WEEK 1,now is WEEK 3 already! :x)

Had been a long day, since the last time I update my blog :D Haiz.. Time passed so fast, I'm already in UTAR now already.Today I got my wifi, then I come update ler :P  Living in a different place, studying in a new enviroment, new building ( new building for UTAR XD) New faces everywhere!!! :x

First of all, I entered the class super early for the first day I thought the class gonna be small and less people... Who knows slowly people comes in. And it's already 8am , time for class, I was so nervous (newbie is like this de paiseh xD)  And I was lucky enough to knew some girls who are sitting beside me that time :D

(schmall cute coursemates who sits beside me :P)

So we start talking to each other while class is going on. First day , know more people ma! hahaha.But then realising all of them is not having the same English class and Tutorial class with me. Awww :( It's like another starting when English class. But luckily, second day of english class, I manage to know some of them and gain more and more each day... :)

(the guy behind,really sorry-_-)

Wahahah.. continue typing in WEEK 3 is hard, I really forgot so much things happened.

Hmm...class was fun!But get to know more people is more FUN! But unfortunately, the second week, I felt sick. How weak am I. First time sick in a different place where parents are not with me.

A sudden dizzy in class make me feel so uncomfortable , and I non stop sneezing. I went to lecturer and tell her that I'm not feeling well. So I went to DSA and rest. But the aircond make me feel worse! So I asked one of the counsellor how should I take leave. She accompanied me to 9th floor. I feel really dizzy when I reached 9th floor. Thank God she helped me to tell the Department people to give me the form.  ( Thanks ALOT! this paragraph is dedicated to this Miss XXXX (remain private), we are from the same hometown, so u made me feel so much better that time. Strange place and strange feel,plus a sudden sick,but luckily people around me are not too strange :D Thanks for your help!)

Tutorial class started on week 2. Well, I cant say much about it, cz we always selfie in class!! HAHA...or keep playing in class, hitting each other with saying " 一招给你死!" . HAhahaha, we did so many stupid things in tutorial class maybe cz we cant keep play phone in tutorial? :P

(恐龙好专心 :x)

wahaha, so many selfies. :D Enjoy people!! Enjoy your assignment and test on week 5 :D LOL, UTAR MY CHOICE :P

Ah! Forgot to mention my housemates! Actually, I troll them like how I troll my friends in secondary school. Muahahaha. Honestly, sorry laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :') They all are elder than me , so must always look after me yo <3 (in case they are here.XD) Like im your younger sister..hahahahaha. Living room is always dangerous, cz me this SIAO po always FA DIAN there , so take care my dear housemates :D But honestly, appreciate that I found this kind of housemates. Lucky enough :D


FOOD IN SUNGAI LONG. (need more can refer to my insta! xD)

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