I just want a FRIEND.

I know suddenly update a blog post like this is weird enough. Cz I had this male bff for more than almost 4 years. Yea, I dont simply tell who is my male bff. Unless you dont know him or you are my bff.

But well then, to girls out there who dont have a male bff , will not know how hard to maintain a friendship pure and innocent without any over border line LOVE on him. Yea Im here to tell you guys how hard I worked to maintain the friendship as pure as the water.

The way I talk to him no matter on facebook, twitter or some random post in wechat or wherever our friends can see, I knew alot of you guys will be curious do I had a crush on him cz Im talking to him like this.

But sadly to tell you guys. Im not. I have my own crush. He knew who was my crush. I knew who was his crush as well. We are close to each other. But we both have different crush on different people. It's like I dont have time to had a crush on my male bff. Cz I had a crush on XXXX this guy. RIght?

Do you guys get me? well then. Sometimes you may think that I jealous cz he is more close to other girls. alright. People out there. Sorry to say that, I angry sometimes cz i dont like he talk to those girls who actually ignore him and hate him. Well, as a friend, I gave him alot of my opinion. Alot of rage cz he dont listen to me. It's like mother telling son not to friend with people who take drugs. It's almost the same.

And ya,
Sometimes I may rage alot to him. Scold him and all. But actually Im super appreciate his present in my life. Sometimes he gives me advice no matter it's about my crush or about my friends. Sometimes it's kinda hurt to listen to it. But actually , I do think back everytime what he said. But I hope he do the same to my opinion.

And so,
people out there. Can stop giving us... err...maybe just me. Stress? It's like I have this male bff to talk about my life and my sad things cz I dont have a boyfriend right? I know I have best friends. But how the hell you kao zai without any boys' opinion? oh geez.

Im done stressing out. BYEBYE MIAO~

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