Hello, It's Me!

Hello! I bet you guys noticed that my blog updated with songs? hehe, I know I know, mostly Taeyeon's song ma,, but who cares?  I like her! HAHA.

New Year is going to end next Monday, anyone wanna go City Park and throw Mandarin orange with me? hehe 

Long time I didnt update bout myself huh, nothing much la.. I stopped my studies and went for some volunteery work jer. WHY?  I dont feel like explaining it in my blog, cz im here to update u guys with my happy life after I stopped study! 

I have a short short hair now, since the last update of myself! Hehe. 
They said if you have the courage to cut your hair short, nothing is really hard for you. Yea I feel so too...but not in everything la of course. I still face some bad things in my life.
But life is never easy,if life is easy, how is it gonna be good? 

Chinese New Year time I had meet up with my friends and of course my cousins to gamble. Not bad la this year luck okay, got win got lose :P hahahahahha 
Cmon Chinese New Year is all about foods , angpaus and GAMBLEEEEEEEE!! 

These two bitches early early second day of chinese new year already visited me at my grandma house. Happy lor them, play games with me summore. Chanel, the apple is sweet cz of u 

Then the fourth day, came to my best precious moment with my buddies in greenbox  cz it had been a long day since I went to sing, supposedly our plan to visit house doesnt work at khoo house, but we just met khoo at aeon like BOOM, he is there dy! so we went to his house and gamble like a gamble kaki. LELELELELEL. Thank god I won back my money from losing it to my cousins

       (ignore my ugly fat face)

Hoho,Of course Im here to thanks Chester for belanja us yamcha! HAHA. cz he is the king of gamble!!!! WOWOW... damn ong punya fella 

The next day, all came to my house for visit. Hmm,, plan jiu plan like shit, end up everyone came and 2 ffg de..hhahahah...

 Idk why they wanna gamble with 10 sen only, but Im ok with it..haha, as long as I win some money  The second photo, I show the photos to all my friends and colleague, all say KHOO lengzai!! I cant lor HAHAHAHA. Sorry Khoo :P

Then we go sing k again @@... I totally not in the mood to sing, cz the day before sing dao sien dy..So the mic is just belongs to Khoo, Annette and Goh. Me? Qj? Eat muruku la! HAHAHA. But this time I got the chance to take selfie with them one by one. YAY!

This Khoo , so many years of friends, now only I have one nicely de selfie with him. pheww..FINALLY... I will keep it nicely de..and TOUCH it everynight before I go to sleep..HAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding :P

Selfie with SHABI. Nothing to say, he dont know how to catch angle..Im ok with it..hmm....

Annette BB! hahahaha.. Still cute as usual la...I lose liao lor.. what 19 years old bok bok cui is fake de :'( Annette 21years old more bok bok cui than me 

 Last but not least, the fucker! HAHAHAHA. Hamsap Dr.Goh '

The sixth day, I had a little (not really little) steamboat gathering with my colleague and friends! <3 Was super full already but Kimberly decided to dabao KFC come back, wuwuwu....diet plan failed. :(


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