WOHOOOOOOOOOOOO. Exam is over. My form 4 life came to the ending. So sad :((( I miss everything in form 4 [except SOMEONE] .

In my previous post, I talked a bout ABS, Friends and HIM. Now let me continue it. HEHE.
Let's continue this post with the topic Friends and HIM.

---Seriously, I dont know how can I make her cry and giv up on everything we had. Seriously,everytime I read the message she sent to us. No matter who, It makes me feel she is so annoying. And the way she wrote those message are like couples who just broke up. Wtf. Maybe she herself dont know. But it is discusting :)

I do remember what she wrote to my fren. Hey U knw what? If your business dont need us to care. Why should u care about how the way i talk to chanel n how the way she reply me? Seriously, if u want me to respect you. Please learn to respect us first. Now, shit u can simply eat,but truth u cant simply change it.
One day u will feel urself so childish for doing all those.

IF,she is still sending message to anyone of us everyday. I hope she can stop it. She made all of us crazy,mad. Everyone of us are finding ways to block her on certain social network and phone apps. I hope she understand what we want. I hope she knew that.---

+++ This is an extra paragraph for my dear GWL =/= eww,sound so discusting :PP HAHAHAA..Yesterday suddenly group chat send me those muscles photos..Wootz,luckily I didnt nose bleed. [already asked him to edit face but he dont want] this is the reason I didnt nose bleed XD :PP Seriously then I went out for dinner just now. I login my facebook and see. HE POSTED A PHOTO ON MY WALL. NAKED!!FFFFFFFF....if my crush saw I HOLY SHIT liao I tell you /-\ Let's share with everybody :P since u want to show it to us :P

MUAHAHAHAHA,u will become famous liao d :DD +++

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