EMO month passed :D


I can say that August was the worst month I ever had. Hmm.. Had been 2 months never talk to her. I hope she still remember how this happen. But the reason we angry is no longer betrayal.

I remeber a few days after EJ concert. My ABS told me that,he went to tell my crush I like him. Wow,that moment I was so syok and yet I am not really angry. Just it had been 4 years,I never betray by anyone. Then suddenly u try to betray me , so pain.

As usual. I forgave him. I think she will be wonder,why can I forgive him but not her cuz they did the same thing. You know right? As a normal person,they will consider before they do anything. Remember what u said to chanel? "WHAT FOR SAYING SORRY? THEY WONT CARE ALSO."
If u had say sorry.....i think we dont hav to be like this today.

Actually the status u wrote is not powerful AT ALL..it is like a joke fr us. We commented. But you dont even comment back. HAHA..then what for u wrote that status? Just like u do betrayed her,but dont even wanna say sorry. :)) This is YOU. The real YOU :)

HIM ::

Hahaha...it's kinda awkward right? I dont know how can I think that finding u could solve the problem among me and ur best friend.

U knw how awkward am I to type those few sentences? Yea,u dont mind. I hav to concentrate on my studies. I hope u would reject me. So that I can giv up immediately. I try to date this boy,that boy. Try to give up on u and have a new target.

But ur name just cant stop appearing in my mind. Until these few weeks. You started to totally ignore me on facebook. Wow. I feel like the feeling on u is going away slowly.
反正我在你心里就是花心的、不是么? :))


Hey,u are no longer my abs right? HA...remember that day i dont reply ur inbox? although I dont know who u writing on ur status on that day..but it just reminds me of how u say u dont trust me and bcuz of that,u really went and tell him.

Wo hen xin ku~ I like him and yet I cant even mention his name infront of you. Im like a person who are disturbing the friendship between two of u.

Remember the day u told me not to be ur sis anymore? Hahaha..i hav no idea why u said so...I just feel that Im more n more useless in ur life. Im like the extra one. When u are sad,im there to "disturb" u....when u emo,,im there to make u more emo. when u are sick,im there to say drink more water to make u feel more sick.

Im sorry :(( I will leave.

My lovely babes::

Girls. stay strong :)) Never be emo bcuz of her again. We should continue our life with happy mood :)))
I dont care what happened to her. as long as we are happy without her :)) HAHA

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