Yea.. Holiday started!!! Wish all my muslim's friends SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!! HAHAHHAAHAHA
Remember invite me to ur house if u saw this :PP If not I will rompak u fr food when school reopen!! HAHAHHAA

Well..yesterday I updated about my leg cramp when swimming. *i think no one realise tat thing XDD*
Okay I will update about EJ concert and Afamosa one day trip with friend :DD

EJ concert!!! <3 3/8/2013
Such a big event. Never handle this before. OMG @_@ Me as usher..WAO :PP

Preparation for EJ !! HAHHA..we are avatar!! <3 So happei :)) Some of them i dont even remember their names. But we still can talk and play. Im so happy :D What a nice event.
And XueJi's people aso vry friendly <3 HEHE


our group photo <3 HEHE

Just some of the photos.. too many la :P cant upload finish :D I saw so many lengzai that day <3 HAHHAHAHAHAA!!!
That Liaokk XD so damn long no meet him <3 lengzai dao arrrr!!!! WAO XD
The concert end with a beautiful coloursssssssss :PPP

Then I went yamcha with a few friends that few months didnt meet :DD I miss them ALOT!!! XD

U see that theresa-.- A&W promoter pulak. I think she abit ngong after sitting Goh's car.. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I wont forget what happen that day XD When I reached A&W,theresa call me with a pity voice n say HOW TO GO A&W arh? LOL!!! xiao si wo XD
Then wohooooo..go home..
p/s : kevin ,,everytime I met u, u will become more blurr-er XD  nt bad ar :P

Okay :PP then rest one day :D sunday :DD
Then monday go AFAMOSA WATERWORLD la la la la la la la~~~ <3
SO happei <3

Sot dao si :PP keep take photo while waiting for bus :PP HEHE..sorrei :/ wei lim nt in the photos :/

Meixin I lap you <3 过去就让他过去,,我会找到更好的 :))对不对?? XDD *语无伦次

about 30minutes time :D we reached Alor Gajah sentral :D then we sit taxi to da waterworld :P
AhJOE :D remember what u did on the taxi? HAHAHAHA u still owe me n meixin yea :PP or else...hmmm...HAHAHAHHAA

11am!! wohoooooooo...we all go in play happy :PP

HAHAHHAAH..anything missing?XD
Okay la :P today oni ah weng realise that :P I also dont know about it actually. until my friend told me that...HAHAHAHA..okay la :P dont talk about that :P Later u all say me bad again @_@

Family raft so damn nice weyh! I sat fr 5 times!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!
But pity meixin :(( face blue black liao :o So cham..擦铁打酒larh :PP later 毁容lau kang dont want ar..HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

While we sitting the car :P they named it shuttle..HAHAHA!! more worth than paying rm5 to go up waterworld frm the resort..HAHAHAHAHAA!!! :PP

Then around 4pm :D Go home lurr :PP Take photo with fishie on the taxi :P I bet meixin deleted me n hers selca on taxi-.- tats y she no send me..ish ><
Coco,dont sad :PP Me n fishie清白 geh XDDD

Wootz <3 What a wonderful day :D but too bad,we should overnight there :(( Must be more fun!!! :DD

The planning for others :PP HAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD

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