Happy Holiday~~~ Yeah~ yeah~ So fast. It's friday!! :(( School Reopen soon.. And wait die. Akaun paper,bio paper,physics paper.. ALL GG @__@ Miahahah~nvm larh :P

For the first week of my holiday. SIBEH tired. XD Go to school everyday and preparing for our pbc camp ;)) My really first time being a camp committee--> well..My english spelling FAILED.. DX...I really went and count. We slept almost 3 hrs plus plus in camp. But it is worth to see members happy n having fun. I love reading their good comments they wrote :D That 成就感,, You cant even hav it when u doing addmaths. Omma, ur 名句 lose XD Nvm larh,,since he wont see this XD

Well.My job is to take photo /__\ too much ugly photo of u on my photo album? well. I aint gonna delete. U see Fishie's underwear photo is quite nice what. HUSH PUPPIESSSSSS :3 #YUM FACE
Hahahahahaha!! XD Photos photos :D

No explanation. Sure angry if I put caption for SOME photos. But wow. Jeremy (y) U LOOKED GOOD IN THAT PHOTO!!! AB dont jealous please XD I really syok when I saw him wearing like that. Can u imagine a xiao hai zi u knew him since primary school suddenly became mature after changing the clothes?? It is.....quite amazing xia XD

我愿意为你~~~~都给你~~~~ XD This song! I think everyone of us knw what that mean,,see! our lao da and jiji <3 so 幸福 :D hahahah,,no angry huh :PP Fishie fishie..ur bxxbs so BIG weyh XDDD jiji aso syok dy :P 

Well..the second week. I went......PD? I think 1 year I didnt go there right? Luckily I went on Saturday..Or I will......hahahahahahahahahahahahah..dont talk bout it :P And the next day I went Malacca. Bought a bag n a pair of shoes bck frm Malacca. Miahahahahaha~ Eat dao me full full..Cant even eat the chicken rice ball there :/ but the guai lin gou is quite nice (y)!!! XD And McDonald's at mahkota parade fr dinner <3 :))

Got emo dao yi xia XD

Aware,I gonna boom ur house with this :DD

OKAYYYYY,, STOP HERE. Sleepy dao boom. Time for drama :D!!!!

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