My feeling.

Had been a long time didnt update my blog. Isnt? 2 weeks? Maybe. These few days,I feel like I should just disappear in this world for 1 month or what. Im so damn bad luck. I dont wanna mention how I get scold by teacher.

But yesterday. Someone stole my keychain. How damn sad, although it wasnt ppl buy fr me or what. But every single money aso MONEY! People,stop stealing please. Dont take things that aint yours.

And the night. I argued with him. Yup,my boy CLOSE FRIEND. He himself thinking too much. So I just explained n let him be alone n think properly what he had say. But then,when he say GOODNIGHT to me,I saw some offensive status on facebook by his fren. But then....fine.
I already forgot bout it before I woke up this morning.

Today, why the hell he is replying like that? Will u regret? If I jump of the car when the car still moving,just to get bck the bottle u bought me. and If I felt down or kena langgar. How would u feel? Will u feel guilty? Since I forgave,why still show me ur emo style?

How many times already? Who said dont wanna argue? Who is replying like stranger to me now? Who doesnt care whether I jump of the car or what? Up to me? I felt down n go to hospital or maybe forever cant wake up aso up to me? WO SHOU DE WEI QU,SUI RAN BU BI NI DUO,KE SHI...WO YE SHI NV HAI ZI..WO YE HUI KU!

Cry? Ha! No please, or u will think too much again. Okay I stop here. Just to tell what am I thinking. Since u wont listen or read properly if we chat on facebook.

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