Exam is coming...

Dafarkkkkkkkkk so fast...1 more week to exam. Friday Sejarah paper 3! what to do?? type print out n bring to copy? :3 but what if i dont know what to write as point?? hmm :/

Im worrying bout biology n sejarah :(( Biology totally nt my cup of milktea /-\!! I dont understand 1 single thing..what the fark is daughter chromosomes or whatever? gt daughter gt sister,,why dont u hav brother n father? LOL?!

The first reaction i get the timetable was...NIAMA! celebrate hari guru on the day without exam la noob! so u think we hav time to study fr sejarah paper when sambutan hari guru? /-\ please la...ngong ar?!!! Moral lagi jialatt...essay i dont know what to write as contoh..each nilai need 2 contoh summore..-.- u wan me write stupid things then can lah~logical things? i cant-.-


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