Exam starts x_x

Actually sejarah paper 3 is nt actually a exam paper in my eyes while a copying competition between all the form 4 n form 5..LOL XD serisously,,i think i used 2 hours today to copy the whole thing. 1 more hour sleep,,looking outside's car and seeing SEXYYYYYYYYY~~~~ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!XD Okay okay be serious kay?

So actually I dont know what happened to my body today,,whole body pain..AIYA!! should have take photo of my SALONPLAS and HANDSAPLAST @___@ Backbone pain summore,,dont want to curi popo's SALONPLAS so much larh~oni left 1 oni.. :/

Okay-.- As usual,,exam confirm stomach pain for those few days d, /-\ But nt actually THAT PAIN.. #IYKWIM {sh.......-.-} Really regret after eating the lime flavour ice cream..I can feel the gastric @_@ Arh! Shoulder pain summore when exam going on.

EVERYONE is saying me OLD-.- LOL ... NEI LOU NGOR DOU MEI LOU ARHHH !! x)) muscle pain,stomach pain,shoulder pain vry normal d lor.I just hope that nex week,,wont hav this type of OLD PEOPLE SYMPTOMS again..Or I will suffer till die x__x

Biology essay? LOL..totally confused. Mitosis will come out? Hmm,, :/ Hope so,,I ONLY UNDERSTAND MITOSIS...LOL,,IM SERIOUS!!! Physics Chemistry Addmaths? Pass then can ler,,Im nt like those people  so desperate for getting an A for every subjects.Pass then can lerh.

BM,BI? Hope so A- or B? I dont want C larh~~~~!!!! :/ PJK,SIVIK?? ow yeah~ hope the PJK teacher will set the question about which teacher is having 40 40 60 body shape!!! XD HAHAHAHAHA!! Akaun? Im totally disappointed to teacher kay?-.- I dont understand what HE say........

Okay larh..after exam hor,,I wanna enjoy enjoy enjoy :D I ardy miss the chance to go out with friends becuz of today's stupid sejarah paper 3-.- NMM larh~~ But then,they all go college form 6 n etc lerh..my classmates?? please la-.- SOME of them busying with tuitions geh,,mana free? NO OFFENSE but true story. EVEN THAT XIAOFUII jie aso having so much of activities while holiday.=.=

PRAY FOR MY BODY HEALTH [I close my eyes,and,pray~~~~~~~~~] PING PIANG!! #FANCHEH XD

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