Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day every couplesssssss and married one. For those single one,find a 1 day valentine if u are feeling bored :)

Im coughing so hardly. Later blood also come out then sei fohh..all I get was 3 alphabet..GWS..this is what a fren will do for you. While u are asking him to take care himself all the time. :) I wont care anymore. Since u decide to ask me keep quiet yesterday night.

Valentine's Day,so?? I want HIM to be mine just for 1 day. But I dont know where he is-.- No online at all. Nvm nvm nvm nvm!! Just sit infront of facebook,see how happy they are OUTSIDE can ler. :') I dont need people to care for me.Really........

Anyway,Happy Valentine's Day PEOPLE :) The Best way to appreciate someone is to imagine your life without them :)

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