First Week of School ; Form 4 Life

Phewww...Happy New Year everyone!! :D It's quite late -.- Im busy with my school stuff. So,I didnt update on 1/1/2013.. Today's date aso quite good what. 4/1/2013 201314,,[ai ni yi sheng yi shi <3 ] love u forever :D But there is no one for me to love. Except my family and my friends who treat me sincerely.

Im really sad nowadays bcuz of some friend's matter. But seems like,It's useless although I spent alot of energy to repair our friendship. Wait!!!-.- REPAIR? seriously? xD Car meh-.- repair...zz...Aiya..My english not that good as those good student :3 My broken english :o Too bad.

Pfft. First day of school. Standing when perhimpunan. Well well well,I just slept for 2 hours.So you are expecting me to break my maxi power record? After HM talking n catching those with hair problems[quite sad to see him get caught :'(] ,, Each class teacher mention names n bring us to class! :D

Form 4 life start!! Le Me second class :D Bio lab...first day ardy butt pain TT____TT Whole day sit in the lab. Even the second day my but pun masih pain >__< okay okay..Someone will complain I keep saying bout my butt again-.- PIGU!!! :P

Fuhh...3 days passed so fast!! Comparing with the first class. Our homeworks are much less than them. I heard they have to do essay for the first day of school ady. And their Maths homework :o We mostly copy notes only :3

Many money are needed for school reopen ;;; RM135 for PIBG. RM7 for each workbooks. And yup! One thing! I used RM40++ for 5 single line books,3 maths books and 12 buku nota. -.- Buku nota no stock summore! Have to use Buku Nota Sains.-.-

Everyday have to queue to buy books. Koperasi. Why u are the only place to buy these books? Really heart pain to see all those juniors pushing by the others when buying books. HM might happy to see this. But me,NO! Im nt saying I wont buy school's book. BUT! Please. arrange the line please. And yea...out of stock summore!

I NEVER NEVER NEVER see that long queue for koperasi. Yesterday the queue reached the stairs beside Bio lab! [Pc team training place]. Today even worse! My friend told me that, The queue reached basketball court. When guru disiplin came,all students missing!

Well,HM,,Happy? Im lazy to complain liao la..queue then queue lor-.- Fine.....

Hope the next week will be better :D And yea...the queue for koperasi will be shorter when Saturday and Sunday!!! (^__^)/~TT Flip table again xD And yea...Yesterday keep sending :poop: to my friend and yea...he reply me :poop: too. But unluckily,today two of us having stomach pain=___= LOL.

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