HoW tO MakE UrselF MinD CorrupteD

Mostly,If I go hangout with some RANDOM people,I will not really update my blog to tell. Since I long time didn't update. Let me write about the day I go out with those guys and TEHRORO.

Fuhhh, I slept at 4am the day before. :3 I planned to sleep until 12pm but someone woke me up at 10am+. Thx alot,if not I will be more late. They said wanna watch movie. I suggested to watch <Golden Couple> but they said...<Ah Boy to MEN>   Fuhhh...chester,nice choice-.- All of us mind corrupted bcuz of this-.-Especially Goh...-.-

Goh said he search for the CB leaf with IOS safari. But I google it...I really shock when I found the picture. Ew,,the leaf....what the f...zz...Come,let's share with you all :3

How discusting is this-.- Goh,go plkn find and see our MALAYSIA's forest gt anot ar! xD but dont open it! It looked ewwwwww!!!!

Seriously,I wonder why I met so much friends on that day. JEREMY,BUY SCHOOL SHOE BOJIO!!! XD
Fine-.- And....Ms. Mix :D She looked so coffee!!! hahahahahaha... #IYKWIM

Yeah yeah~~My presents!!!! Woah...I really received alot of present on that day :3 TEHRORO arr,,buy so much biscuit for me zomok :( My mouth will itchy leh :( And that "AHSHEN" [lol,,quite nice this name xD] bought me a bottle :D Yeahh~hope it's nt expensive gua? I simply choose geh xD And lastly,my TD,,my INFINITE ❤❤❤!!!

And yea,someone thx for the jacket-.- Im having stomachache that time,,keep "mao leng han"...-.- thx alot,or I will  suffer till DIE :0

Awww...alot of panda stuff.. My mom aso shock when saw all these :3 But very sad,I broke one of them-.- Not really broke actually,just abit damage. But really sam tong lor-.-

And yea,,,that is my first time to go out with THEM until so late..@__@ 9 hours. Woahhh...Steamboat-.- Seems like that is their first time to eat steamboat-.- And they dont eat alot like my class's boys did..They dont eat ice cream summore :3 Paulian all like tat d?

I thought the CB leaf topic will stop when eating-.- but GOH, our champion of the day..Keep talk bout it-.- Nobody really care Im underage,cuz tat GUY  same age with me aso talking bout it-.-

What name ar that guy same age with me? Jeffery? Ferry? Jelly? -.- Wan kao my TEHRORO? :3 Later her Soon come find u err :3 Hahahaha! no la-.- u wait,,I will buy u a comb of banana one day :) And never disturb when I talking to the CORN next time arr! :P

Backed home,still non stop with the CB leaf topic..Arghh...I will tell my friends all these when school reopen! Really! I will tell them-.-!!!

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