I Miss Them Already :')

Yeahhhhh~~~~ LOL,,,our Tehroro dont know chinese lah! Cant type chinese.-.- Blame that BIG POTATO! Tehroro leaving us liao leh Jingroro :( Miss her leh...no people let us bully ler...Sad sei :( Remember her KIM KIM? xD

Hahahaha~This video!! :) Ah teh tied up by us :3 We wanna rape her home!! Muahaha~ Ask her kopi to bring RM100.000,000 to save her! [If someone else wanna save her aso can d #iykwim xD] First time put video on my blog.. I think the quality abit weird gua? hehe=.=

This one awesome :3 My voice abit weird..Kay,, "aherrr... ah teh qi fu wo xD" This video quite sampat :/ but wait..where is the "zhe li you mau" xD wait harr...i see xia dulu :P

"bu yao mei tian kai facebook la!!!" zhe li you mao..this video rite? hahahahaha!!! TEH :3 So sampat-.- I miss ur long hair :3 Y u go cut so short?-.- aduiii,,, :(

I think this post must be the longest one in my blog :3 Even longer than the post about meixin, opps,sorry meixin :/ Hahahaha~ still gt more picture leh...remember ah teh punya fried tissue? That was her first time to steamboat.And it was with ussssss!!! Muahhahahahaha!

LOL.....Im tired-,- Jing write one about us la-.- Me vry tired..Not even eat dinner bcuz of this yet :3 Okay,,until here la.. :P