My motivation to STUDY.

Just a little update when I'm having my SPM. 

There's one thing , I never dare to tell him. It's not something gross like I LOVE YOU. 

"Actually, you are always my study motivation. Since I get close to you. "

Maybe we're just not that close as you think. But then I always dream that want to be like him. Having such GODLIKE results. [I dont have other words to describe his result.]

When sometime he ask me go study. I will have the motivation to do that. Maybe you will think I like him or whatever. But all I can say is, he has the power to make me go study. Cz he is the best role model to do so..

Recently, he studying that course I once dream to study. But you results and body condition. I didnt manage to do well in my exams recently. [I wish I'm as healthy as you all..]

So when he wished me "GOODLUCK for SPM" . I really feel more powerful. The next day I go to school and do my papers will full with EFFORT he gave me. Although I may still face some questions I dont know. But I will try my best to do it.

When some questions I asked him. And he could solve for me just in a quick time. Although sometimes I'm stupid enough. Cz I hardly can understand abit of what he explained. But he made the effort to make me understand everything.
 And that makes me to memorise more well in exams.

Thank You. I hope u can still always be my study effort.

I dont know will you see this. And I dont know what will u react to my post. Feel like I'm confessing. But actually I'm not. Haha....
Relax BRO :)


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