Growing Up Is Not Easy...

It had been a long time since my last update. Im busying with my game, studies, exam and of course my sicknees. Imagine my highest record for meeting a doctor in is 5 times per month and the bill is more than RM200+ . Shocking right? haha. Im a weak ass :) lol.

Few more weeks left to SPM. and after SPM I will leave my secondary school life. Im now a Form 5 students. Actually, I should be more n more mature. Many things in me changed,just not my temper. Sorry to all my friends. Seriously.

Growing up is not easy. In my past few year in Secondary school. Once if I argue with someone, I will NEVER stop. But now I will stop, and say sorry. No matter who is the one who start the arguement first. Cz I know, people who remain as my friends are those who is real to me. I know it. I dont wanna lose anyone of them, so I will decided to say sorry first and accept all their comment about me.

Start thinking bout my future. Recently I finally make up my mind to leave Seremban after form 5 and never come back within big holidays or Chinese New Year. Just because Im the only child. I wanna learn how to live by my ownself without parents around me. Maybe it's hurt to tell them I wanna study in other places and wont come back.

I dont know how much did I changed. Sometimes I dont even know my words hurt people. Sometimes I was just joking and I dont know why some people just take that so serious. I think after this I shouldnt be joking around in my LIFE anymore. And I dont have the right to.

And from now on, I will try my best not to fall in love or have crush until I finish my studies. It's not the time to love somebody now. Im still too young. I dont have the right to talk about LOVE, I dont have the right to talk about FOREVER. No one knows what gonna happen tomorrow.
When I finally make up my mind not to love anybody until my age is suit to, you know... I actually dont care bout the thing happened yesterday. Seriously. Friends, Im okay with it :)

I really appreciate I have a best male friend and a bestie who always give me advise in my life. They are the best listener (boys) in my life. No matter how much we argue, we still talk back. That is my best male friend. He teach me alot. He said "Not to care about other people,coz no one gonna do the same to you." That was so true. ;)
My bestie, I do really betray him on certain things, but he thought Im angry with him. and said sorry to me. Haha..noob enough. But appreciate that he picked up his phone when Im sad enough to call him in the midnight. This two boys will always remain the most important male friends in my life.

And my bestfriends/jimuii. Thanks for accompany me when Im going through my worst time. Thanks alot. Especially the one I knew the longest. That one message made u to call me immediately just to ask me what happen. That show how much u care bout me. We all grew up alot. Really, when I look back those photos we took when we were form 2/3, and I realise how childish we were. Haha. We grew up alot. And some even had boyfriend now. Haha!


+ The one I didnt talked to for a long time
 Hey, how are you? It had been a long time we didnt talk to each other. And I dont know the reason. And I dont have to mood to really care bout it. You know my sickness.. It is getting serious. Im more worry bout it than our problem. So I decided to leave it aside. and then never know that we will became like this. You know? I dont wish to lost u this friend. You are the first one who talked to me when I enter this secondary school. I dont wanna leave this school without you as friend. I dont care how much people around me dont like ur gang of friend. But YOU. I still treat u as my friend. Always and Forever.
p/s : I read ur blog before I write this. You really changed alot in certain way. It's good to know that :)

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