Birthday Month Ended Soon

Lalalala~~Today is the last day of November :') My birthday month ended SOON. And yet still many present from some people havent receive yet.

But in those present I received. Some are really special and suprising <3 Thanks alot PEOPLE!
The first present I received earlier than this was the earphone chanel bought me long time ago. Haha..Was the INFINITE 's earphone <3 Love it so much HAHA. Thanks alot.

Lalalalalala...the next one...ala~ I noe u people all say it is cheap or whatever.then Kay ur problem then.
Next time dont touch my phone :)) A brand new Iphone 5c in the house :)) Bought by my KAI YEH <3

JIANG JIANG JIANG...the next one not present. But kinda suprising for me sopo jing XD She record a video of her singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY song in hangul for me <3 I didnt get to post it or screenshot it,cuz it is in my old phone.and yet, I had format the phone/ HAHA.but still lovely, thanks alot JING <3

Then,the present by our lovely COCO :PPPP Damn geli d larh her.Bought me an underwear LOL! With strawberry on it summore. wtf :P Ala,just a phone underwear,to protect the homescreen button :D lol quite cute <3 HHAHA,,thanks babe :P The best part of her is,when she wished me on the facebook,she wrote happy birthday and hope u can get ur :PP I really asked her to do that before,but she still remember but I have forgotten bout it. LOL!!

Then my gou gou li from that meixin I see wont have liao d larh. LOL SAD lorh. Last time always the first one to buy me present :') I remeber every year you will write me a 情书 de lorh.Now I see dont hav liao d larh. SAD mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn lol


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