Time Goes Too Fast

The Moment When You Get This Cetificate From Your Secondary School 

Now I finally have the prove that Im OFFICIALLY  graduated from SMK METHODIST (ACS) SEREMBAN

;; Went back school to get my SPM results. The day before, I told everyone not to nervous. But actually Im damn nervous. 
 Nothing I expect for my result. I just hope that I wont fail anything and at least get a better result for my BM and SEJARAH . 
And then the results doesnt disappoint me. But then maybe for those who get good result is just KACANG PUTIH. hahahaha. 

I dont think need to share my results here la. haha. Everyone knew I got 1A- for Moral only.  Haha. 

Here comes the problem,


Feeling so so so so confuse. Dont know what to study at all.And so decided to go education. But it doesnt seems helpful. Just to help me decide where to study. But didnt help me to decide what I gonna study. *sigh* 

After decided where to study, start worrying bout :
1. Living problem
2. No printer
3. No wifi
4. No washing machine
5. How to go uni?
6. How much to spend each month?

Problems about money starting to pop out in my mind. It's all about $$$$$$.  

Gosh. Then starting to think of what laptop gonna buy. Well well well. Dont tell me I already own a laptop. No! Just no in my uni life. What if one day I rush for assignment. Then laptop self lag and everything go missing? 
And so I just dont care haha. I just go and register first. June start school . Think of all those shit later. Just think of it later. And tell myself everything is gonna be okay. 

Right before I start my uni life. I just gonna enjoy everyday I have. Haha! Enjoy the freedom. Enjoy gaming time until midnight. Enjoy tv series.

To my friends who havent decide what to study , 

    © Copyright all from Mr. My TD

The one who told me this said he want his copyright. So I did for him in my post. Haha.
Are you satisfied now? haha!

Well for those who already know what to study and those who already started studying.


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